“Part international thriller, part philosophic treatise on good and evil, part intricate, unforgettable nightmare-inducing fever dream, THE DIABOLIST has everything you want from a thriller. Layton Green is a master of intellectual suspense. This one’s a killer.”  -JT Ellison, bestselling author of EDGE OF BLACK

The Summoner is one of those books that make you want to turn on all the lights in your house and lock the doors . . . [t]he settings are authentic and you can feel and smell the countryside . . . [t]his is a wonderful read for those who enjoy both suspense and action stories . . .” -Seattle Post-Intelligencer

On The Egyptian: ”Stirring and imaginative, with an engaging premise that is briskly paced. Both the characters in the story and the reader are in for a wild ride.”
-Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling writer of The King’s Deception

Blood Writes Mystery Blog named The Summoner as one of the top ten books of 2011

“I do believe Layton Green has moved into my top 5 author category – not an easy feat to attain!”-A Novel Source

“This is what you get when you combine Indiana Jones with Ludlum’s Jason Borne . . . A must read for all you lovers of conspiracy theories, thrillers and mysteries alike!”-Baffled Books

“Layton Green is an absolutely brilliant writer.”-Everything To Do With Books

“Green’s debut The Summoner was such a great read, I was hoping that he’d duplicate his literary excellence. In his second book, The Egyptian, Green exceeded my expectations.”-BookPleasures.com

“Favorite book of the year so far.”-A Novel Source

“A blend of action, history, anthropology, thrills, and chills, all delivered with a mature, polished voice. I am eager for more from this author.”— Scott Nicholson, Bestselling Author

“Layton Green has written a tale with supernatural and political undertones that unravels with ever increasing suspense . . . The book is plain terrific.”-Richard Marek, former President and Publisher of E.P. Dutton

“An awesome read…. The writing is polished and evocative, the subject matter fascinating, the characters intriguing, and the pace non-stop. Spooky and occasionally metaphysical, The Summoner harkens back to The Serpent and the Rainbow in its ability to convincingly portray seemingly paranormal events in a realistic (and therefore even creepier) manner.”-Blood Writes, Mystery Pick of the Week

“[T]his book is above and beyond in its narrative, its cohesiveness, the depth of its characters and the quality of the writing. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read for Odyssey Reviews.”-Odyssey Reviews

“Green writes like a dream.”-Melody Moezzi, Award-winning Author, Haldol and Hyacinths

“[C]alls to mind such series as Jason Bourne and Indiana Jones, with supernatural/religious overtones thrown in. I recommend The Summoner to anyone looking for a suspense-filled journey into a unique—and at times, terrifying—culture that’ll keep you guessing.”-Bookhound’s Den

“Yes, I did put TWO Five Stars up there . . . giving Green’s The Summoner Five stars and Five stars alone downplays how I felt about this book.”-1000 + Books To Read

“Wow. This book, it packs a walloping punch . . . What a truly original story this was.”-Tiffany Harkleroad, Book Blogger and Amazon Vine Voice

“This is truly a captivating novel. The excitement travels from page to page and this is one story that will stay with you way after you turn that last page.”-Socrates’ Book Review